KitchenCraft Unicorn Non-Stick Cake Baking Tin & 5 Piece 3D Cookie Cutter Set

  • Create magical cakes for birthday and special occasions with this gorgeous unicorn cake pan & 3D cutter set
  • This pan is shaped like a majestic unicorn, and is made of silver-anodised aluminium
  • The beauty of these pans is that they bake beautifully detailed cakes, so you can make and decorate show-stopping cakes using just one tin
  • With these cutters you can make 3D unicorn-shaped biscuits that stand can on their own 4 legs
  • The aluminium absorbs heat quickly and efficiently. This helps the cake cook evenly, and creates a perfect impression of the pan’s intricate lines and patterns
  •  The pan is perfect for children’s birthday parties and other fun family occasions
  • Sizes
  • Baking Tin (Length x Width x Height): L-33cm x W-23cm x H-4.5cm
  • Unicorn Cutter (Length x Width x Height): L-17.5cm x W-12.5cm x H-2.5cm
  • Rainbow Cutter (Length x Width x Height): L-18cm x W-8cm x H-2.5cm
  • Heart Cutter (Length x Width x Height): L-11cm x W-8.5cm x H-2.5cm
  • Legs Cutter (Length x Width x Height): L-7cm x W-6.3cm x H-2.5cm

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