Kitchen Craft World of Flavours 4Lt Pasta Pot Pan Saucepan with Straining Lid

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  • Whatever your preference for pasta dish, you'll save time - and your fingertips - with this cooking pot
  • It's all about the secure locking strainer lid, which allows you to cook pasta like a pro
  • The lid, which contains convenient drainage holes, makes straining pasta a quick, easy job, instead of a task you dread
  • Forget about those grim days spent straining pasta through a colander or saucepan lid, and fishing 'escapees' out of the sink and the countless 'burnt finger' incidents, when water goes everywhere you don't want it to - including over your hands
  • This saucepan's locking strainer lid has been specially designed to stay in place while the pot is upturned, allowing you to manoeuvre the pan with two hands
  • You can direct the pasta water straight into the sink - and consider spilt vermicelli or farfalle a thing of the past
  • This non stick, family size cooking pot is perfect for heating and straining potatoes and vegetables - ideal for a Sunday roast, or midweek meals
  • The draining lid is perfect if you love to make your own stock and it's great for cooking up sauces, stews and soups
  • Sizes (Length x Width x Height): L-32cm x W-26cm x H-12/18cm (without/with lid)

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