Kitchen Craft Roll Up Metal Dish Drainer Draining Rack

  • Roll this mat out over your sink, then place your washing up on top - just like you would your draining board
  • Its silicone-coated metal bars simply allow any excess water to drip down and drain into your sink
  • You can use this draining mat to dry off even your most fragile crockery or stemware
  • The metal bars that make up its core provide a steady platform that's more than strong enough to keep delicate items held in place
  • With heat resistant silicone, this versatile rack can also be used a trivet and is wide enough to hold an oven grill pan
  • Silicone's naturally anti-slip, so you don't have to worry about this mat slipping on damp work surfaces or draining boards
  • Perfect for people with small home, motor home or caravan kitchens, this space-creating gadget even conveniently folds away for simple storage
  • Size (Length x Width x Height): L-52cm x W-32.5cm x H-0.5cm

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