Kitchen Craft HomeMade Wooden Brandy Snap Waffle Cone Roller

  • Be adventurous in the kitchen - easily make your own brandy snaps and waffles cones to serve as desserts or special little treats
  • This is a handy little tool designed to make rolling beautifully-textured waffles cones far simpler
  • You'd think that the biggest challenge when making brandy snaps, waffle cones or tuiles by hand would be achieving that perfect cone shape and authentic waffled texture, it isn't
  • Thanks to this beechwood waffle cone roller's textured surface, it's a really quick and easy task
  • All you have to do is take your cooked waffle or brandy snap batter, then gently wrap it round the roller
  • As the batter cools, it hardens, leaving you with a perfectly-shaped, gorgeously-shaped little cone
  • Size (Length x Width): L-19cm x W-4cm

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