Brown Rattan Design Plastic Multi Purpose Garden Planter Grow Box Border Edge

  • Choice of 1 x Pack or 2 x Packs (please choose from the drop down menu)
  • Unless you choose the 2 x Packs option you will be paying for 1 (one) pack
  • 1 pack contains 4 segments and 4 corner tops
  • Durable plastic material
  • Rattan design finish
  • Multi purpose, can be used as a planter/grow box, flower bed or a single or double layer border edge
  • Simple fitting, you can use as many segments as you want and customise the sizes and shapes
  • Sizes based on 1 pack:
  • Square Planter (Length x Width x Height): L-47.5cm x W-47.5cm x H-20cm (at corner)
  • Single Layer Border (Length x Height): L-180cm x H-20cm (at corner)
  • Double Layer Border (Length x Height): L-90cm x H-38.5cm (at corner)
  • Each Segment (Length x Height): L-45cm x H-20cm (at corner)

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